Concrete Vibrators & Poker Shafts

Mikasa Diesel Vibrator Driven by Yanmar Diesel Engine L48N

Diesel Vibrator Driven by Yanmar Diesel Engine L48N


Mikasa Diesel Vibrator Driven by Yanmar Diesel Engine L48N. Yanmar LN series diesel engines are world leaders in the small engine market. Yanmar was the first to develop the miniaturized direct injection system which is the key factor behind their low fuel consumption and easy starting ability. Maximum power from every drop of diesel, thanks to Yanmar’s super precise direct injection system. Auto return decompressor makes starting almost as simple as a gasoline engine Compact design with a standard mounting pattern for simple installation Powerful environmentally friendly engine.

  • Remove deep air pockets and voids in concrete walls with a Poker vibrator. Stand on the top of the wall forms, bracing one leg on either side as soon as possible after the wet concrete is poured into the forms. A Poker vibrator works only when the concrete is still very wet.
  • Lower the Poker Vibrator needle into the middle of the wet concrete and turn on the power button. The weight of the Poker Vibrator needle, combined with the vibration, will allow it to sink quickly into the concrete. When the Poker Vibrator needle reaches the bottom of the form, pull it back up smoothly.
  • Move approximately 1-foot down the wall and repeat the action. Each time the Poker Vibrator needle sinks into the wet concrete, it will help the concrete particles to settle into a solid mass and encourage trapped air to rise up and out of the wet concrete.
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